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Outback Abisko offers exclusive and personal experiences in the stunning mountains, both in winter and summer.

During the winter, we offer snowmobile tours with a limited group size of only 8 guests per tour, providing each guest with the personal attention and time needed for an unforgettable experience. You’ll get to experience the beautiful mountain landscapes up close, with the opportunity to discover places not accessible to larger groups.

In the summer months, we’ll take you on a hike along the Kungsleden or on a mountain bike adventure in the mountains. You’ll experience the breathtaking nature of the mountains and discover places that are not easily accessible on your own.

Whether you choose a winter or summer tour with us, you can be sure of an unforgettable and personal experience in the beautiful mountains.

Book your exclusive experience with Outback Abisko today!

-Åsa Säfström, owner

Warm welcome to Outback Abisko!


Story of summer in Abisko

Abisko is a place you should just enjoy. Capture impressions of the forces of nature. Feel a curiosity to discover.

Abisko offers all green shades, rock slabs of bedrock, mud puddle that emits a squeaking sound and a tire pattern, rushing water, rippling water. Hard sharp boulders, narrow crooked birch trunks, cold clear blue lakes. The wind biting on the cheek and suddenly subsiding in a sun-warmed hollow. The air feels clean, tastes clean and cleanses you. Black rust-brown mountains tracing a long winter. The scent of archangelica so strong, great contrasts of the intense pink rosebay willowherb. The light that stages the surroundings. The clouds that hang on the mountain slopes. A world of great contrasts.