Meet Our Team

Discover the great outback adventure!

Outback Abisko is based in the center of the mountainous Abisko. Our company specializes in snowmobiling and adventures along the world famous Kungsleden trail in both summer and winter.

With knowledgeable guides, we want to inspire in an area of ​​outstanding natural beauty. Breathe in the crisp clean mountain air and remember our outback.



Åsa Säfström Owner & guide

Åsa has been active in the area since 2008. 
Enjoying all the moments she is captured by nature.
Driving power and new challenges led to the acquisition
of the already established snowmobile company
Arctic Peak to continue to operate it in a new suit.



Patricia Ingman Head guide

Patricia has her distinctive personality from her origins in Finland. She is a certified mountain guide and a dedicated snowmobile guide. You will meet her on our tours or on a motorcycle along the scandinavian roads.



Gabriel Jacobsson Guide

The adventurous tall man with the good temper, certified mountain guide. Gabriel really enjoys life and will make you do it to!


Kenneth Dunbäck Guide

Old but gold! Kenneth is our true native outdoorsman and loves to tell you stories from his long life in the mountains.
And maby he will let you in to the secret of surviving the seemingly endless harsh arctic winter.